Early Rider

With the premium bikes from England you don’t have to make any compromises. If the proper part is not available on the market, Early Rider manufactures it themselves. Every child will find their suitable fun mobile – regardless of their age.

Early Rider Ltd. was founded by Andy Loveland. His then three-year-old son wanted to learn to ride a bike and so they started looking for the right bike. Andy was disappointed with the bikes that were on the market. Without further ado, he set to work and developed a bike himself, just as he imagined it and the way his son loved it. In 2006 the time had come. The first bike was ready to go. The bikes have also been available in Austria since 2014.

The Early Rider wheels are made of wood and therefore an absolute eye-catcher. With them began the history of the Early Rider company. Numerous other models followed. Early Rider has already received several awards. The lightweight aluminum wheels are available with racing handlebars. So the junior can follow in daddy’s footsteps. Discover the great early rider children’s bikes here in our online shop.

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