The Bike Club aims to make cycling more affordable, more attractive and more sustainable.


Well we absolutely love cycling, we feel such great freedom when we’re on our bikes but we’ve realized it’s not always easy or affordable to get a new bike each time your child grows out of their current one. This switches them off cycling and leads to an incredible amount of waste.

That is the other high and mighty concept we believe in – as a society we cannot go on consuming as we do, we need to build better products which we don’t own, but share. Sure, kids bikes are hardly clogging up our landfill sites but it is one small step in the right direction.


We aim to ensure that children always have a bike that:

  • fits them
  • is lightweight
  • is well maintained and regularly serviced

We are encouraging more children to get into, and subsequently enjoy, cycling.

This should allow parents to plan ahead with their spending, allow children access to better bikes, at less of an expense, as well as minimizing the number of bikes going into landfills.

KIDS BIKE RENTAL PROGRAM: OUR MISSION | Bike Austria Junior Skills 2 May2018 | Bike Austria

Why do children need a bike the correct size?

Children are put off cycling rather quickly when they have a bike that is too big for them, they can’t quite reach everything properly, and it’s uncomfortable to ride.

Why do children need a bike that is lightweight?

Fine, you can get a cheap-o bike from your local or big-name bike shop. If you look at the specification of these bikes, they’ll be heavy, really heavy. They’ll most likely be heavier than your child, who, of course, won’t be able to handle it properly. They fall off, hurt themselves, and lose confidence.

How do we ensure bikes are well maintained and regularly serviced?

Through regular contact with the child that’ll make them feel special, grown up and a part of something, we’ll increase their awareness of the importance of a well-maintained bike. We also fully service the bikes upon exchange.

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