We want to make this as simple as possible, so before we get to the legal bit, this is a quick summary (the lawyers tell us that we should point out that this summary does not prejudice the actual agreement, we’re just trying to make things easier).

This is a rental / exchange scheme, so no, not all bikes are new (although the fleet is new at the moment), but this is a long term, pay monthly rental agreement in which we actively encourage you to exchange the bike for free as your child grows. All bikes are well maintained and looked after to the highest standard. We want your child to love riding our bikes, so we work hard to make sure they are in excellent condition for you.

Here is how our bike rental agreement works:

  1. You need a bike for your child, so you have come to us,
  2. You choose a bike based on your child’s size
  3. We provide you with the bike and you pay monthly
    • This is a rental/ exchange scheme, so instead of paying upfront you pay monthly and rent the bike on a long-term basis
    • When your child grows out of a bike, come back to us to arrange an exchange. We then send you the next size up. You then pack your old bike in the box and we arrange collection
  4. When you come to exchange we charge a small delivery fee, this is to keep monthly payments low. We can also send you more chain oil etc if you’ve run out (and we’re probably cheaper than the shops)
  5. Not all the bikes you will receive will be new.  This is an exchange scheme so you will receive a used bike. We do however maintain all the bikes so that they are as good as new
    • It’s a bit like hiring a car, you know it’s been used, but they still have that new car feel
  6. When you exchange your bike for a bigger one your monthly fee is likely to increase, this is because it’s a bigger bike and has a higher retail price.
    • Don’t worry though, we’ll let you know what the fee is by email in good time
    • We want to keep you as a customer – so we’ll always work hard to keep you happy
  7. When exchanging the bike we like to aim for your child’s birthday, so do let us know when it is and hopefully we can make sure they get another shiny bike every year

8.    Now time for the legal bit, if you ever have any questions just email us on [email protected]

The customer is agreeing to enter into a binding contract between themselves and Outdoor Austria GmbH (“Bike Austria”). This agreement stipulates the terms of the hire/exchange service provided by Outdoor Austria GmbH.

  •  This agreement sets out the terms of the contract between Bike Austria and the customer
  • The Bike Austria will provide:
    • A children’s bike (“bike”) which fits the child
    • The bike will be:
      • As specified on the website
      • Maintained and serviced up to a usable level
    • An exchange as required, Bike Austria may charge a delivery fee for this
  • The customer will:
    • Pay monthly the stipulated amount at checkout on a monthly basis by direct debit
    • Pay upfront to join the Bike Austria
    • Store the bike in a dry, secure place
    • Look after the bike to a reasonable standard
    • Upon exchange, return the complete bike
    • When receiving the next bike will pay a small fee for delivery
  • After the initial 12 month contract, the customer may cancel the agreement immediately by returning the bike, returns should be sent on a signed for basis using the box the bike is originally provided in. Bike Austria can arrange for the collection of a bike, for an additional cancellation fee.
  • The customer will be liable for any damage caused to the bike which falls outside of reasonable use (“extraordinary damage”) as deemed by Bike Austria
    • Ordinary wear and tear is acceptable (ie. Stretched cables, worn out tyres, worn grips)
    • Examples of extraordinary damage would be: rust (this can be prevented by storing in a dry place), buckled wheels, bent or cracked frames, critically damaged drivetrain, returned with missing componentry
    • Where extra damage has been deemed to have taken place Bike Austria will contact the customer and agree on a reasonable sum to repair this
  • A complete bike is defined with the delivery of the bike, in summary this will include wheels (including tyres), frame, fork, handlebars, headset, grips, drivetrain, pedals, saddle and seat post

All contracts are a minimum of 12 months, after which, you can cancel at anytime with just 28 days notice.

You can request an upgrade at any time.

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