A Project led by Bike Austria in Cooperation with the City of Mittersill

Pumptrack Mittersill, a successful community project initiated by Bike Austria.

In April 2017, Dr. Tracy Anderson from Bike Austria sat down with Wolfgang Viertler, the Mayor of Mittersill, to present a his concept.  He realized, after three years in Mittersill with his children, that the kids in Mittersill needed an exciting activity to draw them outside and away from their electronics.  “Healthy Exercise” that can compete with screen time is a very tall order, but he convinced the city leaders that he had the solution: The PUMP’N’SKILLS PARK Mittersill.

Velosolutions was chosen to build the pumptrack, combining rolling jumps with banked turns, they are accessible to all. Riders use the track features to gain momentum and ride as fast as possible without pedaling.

Pumptrack Mittersill opened on August 31, 2018 and has been an instant hit not only with the local youth, but also with professional athletes and other adults on holiday.  After only 3 months, the built-in lap counters showed over 160,000 total laps with an average of over 3,000/day.  Building upon this success, the team at Bike Austria started a community Bike Club and managed to secure the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Qualifier for Austria on May 11, 2019.

The fun and excitement at the PUMP’N’SKILLS PARK Mittersill offer a great experience to those on a bike holiday and to the local bikers.  New to pumptracks?  You can find our camps on our homepage.


PUMPTRACK MITTERSILL | Pumptrack Mittersill Birdseye | Bike Austria
  • PUMP’N’SKILLS PARK Mittersill is open free to the public
    • See opening dates and times below
  • Velosolutions Asphalt Pumptrack
    • 120 meters in length
  • Jump Line
    • 75 meters in length
    • 4 Table Top Jumps
  • Kids Track
    • 60 meters in length
  • Skills Track
    • 190 meters in length
    • 19 challenging elements
  • Set in the spectacular scenery & hospitality of Austria
    • Castle high above Mittersill to the north
    • Rugged peaks of the Hohe Tauern National Park



The PUMP’N’SKILLS PARK  Mittersill, with both a world-class pumptrack and MTB skills park, offer great fun for every level of rider on the bike holiday in Austria.  Regarding the Pumptrack, it is suggested that beginners start learning the basic “pump” technique on the Kids Track.  This is important due to the lower speed and reduced conflict with more practiced riders.  Riders must be comfortable riding trails with a loose surface and have solid braking technique.   Joining our camps and skills training is great preparation.


A helmet and closed-toe shoes are are mandatory at Pumptrack Mittersill.  A full-face helmet along with knee and elbow pads can reduce injuries resulting from falls.

The two asphalt pumptracks are ideally suited for not only bikes, but also skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters.  The smallest of kids will have fun with their kick-bikes on the smaller track. 

The most ideal bikes are either a dirt bike/dirt jumper or a bmx.  However, all bikes with a mountain bike style geometry are suitable.


The PUMP’N’SKILLS PARK Mittersill is open to the public everyday from March to November depending upon weather conditions.  The smooth asphalt surfaces quickly becomes dangerous in freezing conditions with a thin layer of ice.  Riding while closed is strictly forbidden by the City of Mittersill.


The pumptrack and skills park are open everyday in the summer.

During the Spring and Fall seasons, opening times will be adjusted based upon weather conditions, but should reliably be open every afternoon and evening until 7pm.

There are periodic closures for Sport Club Mittersill – Bike Club training.  Details will be posted when available.


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