Kids’ Mountain Bike Rental Program FAQ


What's the quality of the bikes?

Our bikes were selected with a lot of thought and care. We know all about the importance of having high quality, well-built and lightweight bikes for children. This is why we have partnered with Mondraker Bikes.

Mondraker bikes give kids a proper introduction to the world of mountain biking. Only when kids have fun on the bike does it have a chance of becoming a life long healthy sport that they will always enjoy.

Which bike should I choose?

Using our Bike Finder, you can easily decide which Lightweight Frog Bike is best for you! 

It provides you with a size guide for each of our bikes as well as age recommendations to help you choose. 

Remember that all of our bikes are sized based on your child’s inside leg measurement to the floor.

Does the Club offer adult bikes?

Not just yet.

We want to concentrate on the little ones first.

Our primary concern is making better-quality children’s bikes more affordable to parents; to encourage children to get cycling and love cycling.


Are there any hidden costs?

Sounds too good to be true?

We can assure you there are no hidden costs.

Just to make our members slightly more confident, here are all costs that you may, at any point incur, with links to where you can find more information on the website.


Details of all fees that may be payable by the customer at any point throughout their membership

Delivery, monthly payments and joining fee

There is a joining fee of 30€ for HARDTAIL and 150€ for FULLY charged at the start of your Bike Club membership.

The monthly payment is charged on a monthly basis as a direct debit. All bikes have their own monthly cost which is also displayed on the following page: All Bikes


Exchanges will cost a flat fee of 30€ per bike. More information can be found: Delivery & Exchange


All cancellations involve a cancellation fee of 20€.

Send a box

We ask all members to keep their boxes. If the member will exchange their bike, this is not necessary as we will send out a new bike, and that box can be used to return the smaller one. If the member comes to cancel but has not kept the box, an additional fee of 40€ is chargeable to the direct debit which partially covers the cost to send out an additional box.


In the event of serious bike breakage, repairs or total loss, we may charge the customer the replacement cost of the bike.

Refundable fees

Some fees are refundable until a certain point, while others are not refundable at all. What’s generally refundable?

Delivery fee

Refundable in the event of a cancellation by either the customer or the Bike Austria Club up until the point of dispatch from the warehouse

Joining fee

Refundable in the event of a cancellation by either the customer or the Bike Austria Club up until the point of dispatch from the warehouse.

Monthly fee

Not refundable unless due to company error


Refundable in the event of a cancellation by either the customer or the Bike Austria Club up until the point of dispatch from the warehouse.


The cancellation fee is charged once we have arranged and co-ordinated a time with the customer. At this point, the cancellation fee is no longer refundable and an additional cancellation fee will be charged for any subsequent collections that need to be arranged

Send a box

Refundable in the event of a cancellation by the member up until the point of dispatch from the warehouse

Note: Delivery and joining fee cannot be refunded if the bike is delivered later than expected due to courier delays in transit.

Stolen bicycles & Insurance

You’ll be glad to hear that theft of children’s bikes is fairly low in Austria.

Why is this?

Well, bikes usually only get stolen when left unlocked or locked up insecurely in isolated places. Children don’t usually do this with their bikes, which means that they’re not as vulnerable as the adult who might lock the bike up quickly and insecurely, to get a cup of coffee for an example.

What if the bike does get stolen?

If your bike does get stolen, and you are unable to return the bike. Firstly, you will need to report this to the police to obtain, and provide us with, a Crime Reference Number. We would then claim the cost value of the bike from you. You can then continue as a member of the Bike Austria Club and we can provide you with a new bike, on a pay monthly basis.

Do you offer insurance options?

No, we don’t offer insurance options. But if the loss were as a result of a break in, or whilst on holiday, hopefully, you would be able to make a claim against your home insurance or travel insurance.

Best practice for avoiding a stolen bike:

  • Get a good bike lock
  • Lock your bike to something secure (even if only for a few minutes)
  • Avoid parking your bike in isolated areas – leave your bike where a potential thief will be seen
  • Lock up removable parts (e.g. wheels) and take additional fittings with you (lights, bags etc.)
  • Have your bikes frame security-marked or engraved
  • Take a clear colour photograph of your bike, and make a written record of its description, including any unique features
  • At home, keep your bike in a secure garage, shed or building and keep the door locked.
What if the bike gets broken?

We expect a reasonable amount of wear and tear with the bikes, so don’t be worried about scuffs, marks and general service repairs (new cables, new tires etc.). However, if we suspect that the bike has been used outside of usual kids cycling then we would look to reclaim the cost of the bike (UVP minus 30%).

By this, we mean fire damage, water damage and extreme damage.

We hope people are sensible with our bikes, however, do enjoy using them as they are meant to be ridden!


How does the Family Discount work?

As soon as a second bike is rented by a sibling, all bikes are eligible for a 5% discount off of the monthly rental fee.


What area does Bike Austria serve?

You guessed it, Austria.  That being said, we are aware that our program is attractive to individuals outside of Austria and we are considering expanding the program.  If you are interested, please contact us to get on our list to be notified.

Shipping Costs?

We deliver throughout Austria for a flat rate of 30€.

How long does it take to get my bike?

We aim to deliver within 2 weeks of order confirmation and usually it’s a lot quicker.

However, we are only able to deliver once we receive your goods from our supplier. For this reason, we cannot currently offer express delivery however we hope to do so in future.


What is the process of exchanging bikes?

We will work directly with you to make sure that your child always has the perfect bike for his or her size.  When you feel that the current bike is too small, check out our Bike Finder and compare the inseam here with your child’s. When he or she is ready for the next size, contact us directly and we will send it out.

Once you have received the larger bike, pack the smaller bike in the same box and send it back.  The next month’s billing cycle will include the new monthly rental fee and the flat rate shipping fee of 20€.


How do I build the bike once I receive it?

Generally speaking, the bike will be almost completely built when you receive it.  You will only need to install the pedals and handlebar.  Should you have any difficulty, just give us a call and we will walk you through any and all problems that you may run into.

One must be very careful when threading bolts and especially pedals.  “Cross-threading” can cause significant damage to the bike and be unsafe.  “Cross-threading” happens when the grooves do not lineup.  One cannot cross-thread and cause damage when threading by hand, so this is the recommended way to start inserting the bolt or pedal.  Even with a wrench or allen key, the bolt should install quite easily. If you encounter resistance, it is always best to make sure that the threads are not crossed. DO NOT FORCE!

Why are the pedals not going on?

Check you’re screwing in the right direction!
Watch out, the left pedal will screw on in the opposite direction to the right one.

Check the thread is clean. Use a soft, damp cloth to carefully remove any residue from the thread. Be careful not to scratch or make further dents to the thread, especially if there is grit in the thread.

How do I get the bike serviced?

The member/user is responsible for all regular maintenance of the bikes.  At least once a year it is recommended to have a service and safety check, but certainly when something does not seem right.  Properly functioning steering and braking along with securely mounted wheels should be checked before every outing.


How do I cancel my contract?

When to cancel
Once you’ve been a member for twelve months, you can cancel at any point.

Wavering the cancellation fee 
The cancellation fee is 20€ per bike. This covers the courier cost to us and so in exceptional circumstances can be wavered if you would like to arrange for courier of the bike yourselves, however in this instance you do become liable for any damage incurred in transit.

If you don’t have the box
You will need to either:

  • Source your own – local bike shops are usually more than happy to get rid of a box to avoid business waste disposal costs
  • We can send you a box at an additional 40€ per box – This might seem expensive, but it actually doesn’t quite cover the cost to us unfortunately. You will need one box per bike, regardless of the size of the bikes.

Collection of the bikes
We can arrange for the collection on any week-day that suits you. You will need access to a printer to print a collection notice for the box.

Upon collection 
Once the bikes have been collected, we will cancel your Direct Debit subscription. Once we have received the bike back and it has been assessed for damage, we will cancel the mandate all-together. Assessment is done within 90 days.

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