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We deliver, they grow, we exchange

1. Join the Rental Program

In the Agreement, we offer two options of getting kids on great bikes.

One-Time Fee

Hardtail = 30€

Fully = 150€

2. Choose your mountain bike

Our age and height size guide helps find the perfectly sized bike.  Monthly rental fee is dependent upon which bike you choose, ranging from 13€ to 79€/month.  The Fully option is available for 8 year olds and up.

We only offer quality bikes, because as they say, “Friends don’t let friends ride lousy bikes.”

3. Set up payment

We take your details, run a credit check and setup a direct debit. We’ll always let you know before each payment, so don’t worry about that. After 12 months you can cancel whenever you like with 4 weeks notice simply by contacting us and sending the bike back.

4. Receive your mountain bike

Congratulations! You’re now part of The Bike Club. We’ll deliver your first bike at a time convenient for you.

5. Ride, enjoy

The kids will love having one of our bikes. They’ll be a perfect fit and super lightweight which means they’re not too heavy for little bodies (and pretty cool for bigger ones). Children simply can’t enjoy a bike that’s bought to be ‘slightly big’, so that they can eventually ‘grow into it’

6. Grow, exchange!

Riding an incorrectly sized bike is no fun. Children grow, and pretty quickly. They’ll grow out of their bikes too and this is where we come in…

Exchanging is easy. We’ll send a courier to collect their outgrown one and deliver you a new one. Have siblings? They get an automatic 5% discount.

You can specify whether you would like a new bike when adding the bike to the cart. All Bikes are well-maintained and as good as new although we understand sometimes you may want confirmation that the bike will be brand new!

If you’re unhappy you can always send it back (remember we want to keep you as a member and encourage your child to love cycling, just like we do).

We also do family discount for siblings. This is applied automatically to the direct debits and includes 5% off for any subsequent bike.

After the first 12 months, all contracts are on a rolling basis. Simply give us 28 days notice before canceling your contract and return the bike to us.

In fact, any other questions, just get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch and love hearing from you.

All contracts are a minimum of 12 months, after which, you can cancel at anytime with just 28 days notice.

You can request an upgrade at any time.

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