Best Mountain Bikes for Kids 11 to 14 Years Old

You are buying a lifelong passion, not just a bike.

They are no longer little kids and not yet adults, so what is the best mountain bike for them.  The transition also applies to the bikes that are best for this age category.  Depending upon physical size, they either need a 26″ mountain bike designed for kids or a XS/S 27.5″ adult mountain bike.  Pro Tip: By staying with a “kids” bike, you get a better bike for the money compared to adult bikes. 

This age group falls into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Kids that have fallen to the dark side and have not interest in riding.  Let us hope that they come back to the light in the next few years, but for now, no reason to blow big bucks on a battle you cannot win.
  2. Kids that enjoy mountain biking, but are being drawn away by other influences.  In order for kids in this category to stay committed to mountain biking, your only hope is to get them the coolest and best mountain bike you can afford.  This is the best way to keep their stoke up and get through this tough time in life.
  3. Lucky you if this is your kid. These tweenies have already adopted the “Bike Lifestyle”. They are great self-motivated  mountain bikers that therefore deserve one the best mountain bikes available.  Stoke that passion!

Our Selection of the Best Mountain Bikes for Kids 11, 12, 13, 14 Years Old

At Bike Austria, we are most passionate about Enduro MTB and focus our training activities in that direction.  Our selection of bikes reflects this. However, this is the period of time when real racing starts to get interesting.  While there are a few Enduor race series like the Enduro One, kids may gravitate toward XC or downhill.  Obviously in these cases, bikes for those disciplines are a better choice.

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Junior Mountain Bike Summer Camp

The Best Mountain Bikes are Nothing Without Great Skills

Bike Austria mountain bike summer camps teach kids the freedom and exhilaration of riding fast and in control. During the 4 day camp, participants as young as 7 will learn to control their mountain bike in many different situations, all while having the time of their life.   They will gain confidence in more challenging terrain. Essential basic techniques will be covered, including braking, turning-techniques, jumps, steep downhill trails, rooty singletrack, switchback corners, and more. More advanced, but essential mountain bike techniques, such as the wheelie drop and bunny hop will also be a part of the summer camp program.

Kids Mountain Bike Camp
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