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Specific E-Bike Techniques

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Skills training takes your e-Bike experience to the next level

Bike Austria specializes in providing the specific mountain bike skills coaching required for eBikes. Why? Electrically driven, you easily get high into the mountains and over your head. Do you have the skills to get back down? E-Bikes are heavier and require better braking technique to safely descend. Biking down steep trails and singletrack demand refined skills.  Are you familiar with the so-called “kick”?  The “kick” must be managed so that it does not occur at the wrong time or place. The certified e-Bike guides at Bike Austria can help you adjust to the demands of the e-Bike, including the strategic application of this extra power at just the right time to clear challenging sections, and how to handle the bike’s unique geometry on rough terrain.

An e-Bike workshop with a Bike Austria guide will give the tools you need to access the most spectacular terrain in the Alps. With confidence.  You will soon have the technical riding skills necessary to arrive back in the valley safely, with a huge smile on your face. 

A unique offering from Bike Austria that is included in all packages is emphasis on the health benefits that can come with having so much fun.  Applying his scientific and medical background, Dr. Anderson is up to date on all of the current e-Bike research on how to get the most out of this exciting trend.

In addition to the day clinic options below, we also offer an intensive skills coaching camp that is filled with amazing mountain biking and e-Biking in the Kitzbüheler Alps and Hohe Tauern National Park. Want to experience the finest e-Bikes on the market? We have a full fleet of Mondraker Chaser e-Bikes available for rent.



Your personal Bike Austria trainer will work with you to identify your weaknesses on the eBike. These will be improved through a customized skills coaching program.  Rest assured, there will be plenty of great riding built into the program.


Bike Austria offers intensive group skills coaching in 3 levels. The training lasts 4 hours. We will spend  time on the PUMP’N’SKILLS PARK Mittersill and the local eBike trails.


Ride & Learn combines eBike skills training session with a fun guided tour. After improving your skills at our Skills Park, the guided tour will focus on using those skills along with further improvements.


The local mountains are our favorite training grounds, but it is helpful to have controlled terrain to enhance specific MTB skills.  To achieve this, Mittersill boasts a world class mountain bike training area built by Velosolutions along with a state-of-the-art pumptrack.



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